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PhoneBook Classic


PhoneBook provide many features, the top 10 must-haves are:
1. Big numerical keypad for easy entering names.
2. Combination of initials, partial names, and full name search supported for quick, accurate and complete lookup of contact information.
3. Easy operation to select multiple contacts to send group text messages or email.
4. SNN: Send Name & Number. Able to directly SMS forward the name and number information of a contact to a third person with out multiple copy and paste operation.
5. When editing a contact information, easy delete button access on top of the page (instead of a hidden button at the bottom).
6. Supports both letter (abc) search and number (123) search.
7. Pinyin search support for Chinese community besides English language support.
8. Creating new contacts and adding information to existing contacts.
9. Send SMS text and email messages within the App.
10. Comprehensive preference settings to customize every aspect of the application, to make it a personalized tool for everyday communication


PhoneBook Classic allows you to use a BIG number keypad to easily enter names or initials and provides a quick lookup of the contacts of the people you need to find, without occupying both hands. PhoneBook Classic will save you time, and can make your communication tasks more efficient. Comparing with any existing Apps on any smart phones, PhoneBook enables you to make fewer errors when key-in the names, and will pull up the names and numbers more accurately and more swiftly. PhoneBook also provides extremely simple and flexible ways to make quick phone calls, to send text and email messages to multiple people, and to add and edit contact information of your address book. PhoneBook even provides a easy way to quickly forward a name and phone number information directly to another friend without multiple copy and paste operations. You will find that the PhoneBook Classic is an extremely valuable tool. With PhoneBook app installed, you will for sure to love your iPhone even more!